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STUFFED JERKYXP CHICKEN BALLS (watch video recipe here)TODAY'S RECIPE, INGREDIENTS & METHODSNOTE it's best to make small chicken balls not large for this recipe- GRIND up desired choice of JerkyXP- MIX salt, pepper and ground Jerky in with ground chicken - MIX additional ground Jerky with grated mozzarella cheese- FORM cheese and Jerky into a small ball- FORM Ground Chicken mixture around the cheese/jerky ball- ROLL desired amount of Chicken Balls to deep fry- MIX Oregano and panko in a bowl- ROLL chicken ball in flour and coat evenly- ROLL chicken ball in egg wash and coat evenly- ROLL chicken...

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POTATO x2 - Fine Cut 1/8"- WASH in cold water- DRY both sides of potata- SPACE potato slices on baking sheet with aluminum foil- DRIZZLE with olive oil- SEASON to taste with salt and pepper- BAKE at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 20-25 mins- REMOVE when golden and crispy- ADD grated cheese and JERKYXP- ADD another layer of potato chip nachos- MO' cheese MO' jerky- BAKE for 5 more mins- GARNISH with green onions and desires sauces- ENJOY!!! mmm JERKY

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CHEESY BEEF JERKY DIP! - Sour crème - 1 1/2 cups- Grated cheese - 2 cups- Cream cheese - 8oz- Chopped fine green onion - 1/2 cup- JerkyXP Teriyaki Premium Beef - 2 cups- Top with grated cheese - 1 cup- Bake at 375 degrees for 30-35 mins- Garnish with Jerky & Green Onion to taste Feel free to choose whichever JerkyXP Premium Beef Jerky you prefer and infuse it into this recipe. I am certain it will taste just as AMAZING. Starting in February, @SetToDestroyX & their recently launched #STDxHouse in Ontario, Canada will be starring in our LIVE...

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