- About Us -


JerkyXP is the leading provider of premium quality beef jerky to gamers across the globe. Our products are USDA inspected and approved, so you know you’re getting the highest quality beef snacks available. JerkyXP is proud to support U.S. farming and agriculture– and proud to provide only the highest quality beef snacks. 



- Our Story -

Founded by Max and Zach Zitney in their Ohio State dorm room in 2012. Max and Zach Zitney grew the JerkyXP brand into a leading Jerky provider for gamers around world. After 4 years of amazing growth they started a sister company called Ships-a-lot to manage the order fulfillment for JerkyXP and other companies who saw their customer service and new and improved fulfillment pricing far beyond their competitors. 

Max and Zach Zitney sold the company to Kelly Davis in May of 2017. Kelly comes from The Detroit Tigers a professional baseball team in Detroit MI. Kelly and his team plans to implement new flavors and form new partnerships within gaming/esports to expand the JerkyXP brand. 


Kelly Davis