Company Story

Level One: Where it all started 


In October of 2013, in a college apartment on a campus far far away, Max and Zach Zitney were playing Call of Duty and snacking on fresh beef jerky. They have been playing video games for as long as they can remember. Since their location was Columbus, Ohio they had the opportunity to check out a Call of Duty event that was being held at the convention center. During their time at the event they met with many spectators and pro gamers to talk about the competitive gaming scene. They were blown away by the passion that these young competitors had for a game that you and I play at home for fun. They felt at home being around so many gamers just like themselves and wanted to be involved with competitive gaming as much as possible. 

Max and Zach owned a beef jerky company but were lost on what they wanted to do with it. Upon their arrival home from the convention center the brothers decided that they wanted to position their beef jerky company in a way that it helps fuel competitive gamers. They did countless hours of brainstorming and landed on calling their company JerkyXP. The XP in JerkyXP was derived from the XP you would receive in various video games. They then took to the streets (twitter) to spread the word on JerkyXP, causing a twitter storm of questions and interest in their new product. In the beginning stages they could not keep up with demand from their small apartment room. By the end of 2015 the two brothers had purchased a warehouse in Warren, Ohio to outfit as a fulfillment center with a mission. The brothers mission was to employ members of the recovery community, giving them a second chance at work and life. They wanted to develop an atmosphere where employees could work as a team and keep everyone on track and meet the same goals for a successful life. The brothers want to see everyone thrive during and after their work at JerkyXP.   


"JerkyXP is a premium beef jerky company dedicated to fueling gamers for their long hours of play."  


How Jack became the CEO of JerkyXP?


When it comes to JackTheCEO the story gets a little crazy. Like all other business masterminds Jack falls right in line. He started out with nothing just a water bowl and some snacks. He then was appointed head dog at the Zitney household. That changed in a very short time, by the time he was 4 months old he stepped foot in the JerkyXP warehouse and barked furiously. He knew he could take JerkyXP to the top, so he appointed himself CEO of the company after a 15 minute meeting with the brothers. Ever since Jack took over as the CEO of JerkyXP they have introduced more flavors as well as even adding a dog snack to the line of products that they carry. JackTheCEO had this single statement to say about the future of JerkyXP "Bark Bark". 


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